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Internet Marketing Specialist - Search Engine Marketing

Businesses that jump into the ocean and start marketing online to stay competitive don't drown in the turbulent waves left behind them. Companies that have professional online marketing plans prepared by certified internet marketing specialists will more than ever before gain and keep customers and do so at a competitive cost...

Welcome to the new era of Internet marketing!

Websoft Technologies Business Solutions is a 'one-stop-shop' Internet marketing company providing marketing solutions to businesses online locally and globally. We are Certified Internet Marketing Specialists. We partner with our clients, learn about their businesses and provide a complete set of ethical Internet marketing services that have been developed to achieve online promotion and sales results. Websoft Technologies helps companies create and implement dynamic internet marketing strategies that will empower business websites to communicate effectively with their customers. Effective website communication will increase traffic to the website which inturn will increase sales, thereby helping online businesses become more efficient and profitable.

Email Marketing: Most cost-effective marketing tool

Business experts often talk about the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers. It makes sense: Your best customers are the ones who already like you. They're the ones who've bought from you once, and therefore, are most likely to buy from you again.

Email marketing is a perfect tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), allowing you to effectively stay in touch with your current customers and increase the amount that they spend with you.

If you aren't sending out regular newsletters to your current customer database now, start doing it. Newsletter marketing is by far one of the best tools you have in your arsenal to boost your sales.

In fact, according to, advertisers in 2009 had a return on investment that was twice as high for email marketing than for any other marketing channel.

But beware: If you try to send out bulk email yourself, and you're not an expert in email marketing, you could hurt your Reputation, which is a score that internet providers give to organizations that send out email. If an internet provider gives you a "bad" Reputation, all of your email could end up in customer's junk mailbox.

10 Tips for Successful Email marketing

  • Create a constantly updating database: Ask every customer or potential customer for their email address and keep it in a database that you can manage. Every time you interact with them, make sure you verify and update their address.
  • Get permission to send customers email: When you get a customers' address, make sure you provide a checkbox where they can give permission to receive email from you. If you don't, you will be violating federal CAN-SPAM requirements. If you haven't done this in the past, don't worry: You can send your current customers a notice asking if they would like to continue receiving email.
  • Allow users to stop getting email: You can send email to everyone in your list, but give them the option to stop receiving email. If you don't, you will also be violating the CAN-SPAM rules.
  • Purge your list: If a lot of email gets bounced back to you, delete those addresses from your newsletter marketing list. The higher your bounce rate, the more your email will be considered spam.
  • Avoid keywords that classify you as SPAM: Don't use keywords in subject lines that might classify your message as SPAM. Some of the keywords and combinations include: You are a Winner, Click to Win, Buy Now, Earn a Degree and Make Money.
  • Have a newsletter frequency strategy: If you have a good reputation with Internet providers, you can send newsletters out as often as once a day. If your reputation is poor, however, then even sending out a newsletter once a month will be bad.
  • Use short subject lines: Make sure you subject lines are 50 characters or less; most people won't see the rest of the subject line anyway in their email client.
  • Use calls to action: Subject lines should be specific and use action words. And the text of your email should use action words, too. You don't want your customers to just READ something; you want them to CLICK through to your website, and hopefully, buy.
  • Avoid too many graphics: Graphics are nice, but they can't be seen by everybody, and the higher a ratio of graphics you have compared to text, the more likely your email will be considered spam.
  • Analyze the performance data: After each email send, review the statistics to see what is working and what isn't. How many messages were undeliverable? How many bounced? What was the click-thru rate? What was the open rate? Use the numbers to improve your email deliverability every time.